Construction FAQs

  • How will construction affect my student’s experience?
    It’s our goal to ensure that our students continue to have a great Menlo experience throughout the construction period. Administrative teams, student government, and other student groups have been meeting regularly to strategize how to keep the school year feeling as “normal” as possible. This includes everything from the start-of-school-year events to spirit week activities to outdoor events and BBQs.

  • Will my eighth grader or senior have graduation in front of Stent Hall?
    Yes! Weather permitting, we will hold our 2016 and 2017 commencements on the loop in front of Stent as we’ve traditionally done.

  • Is anything special planned for the Senior Class to make sure their final year at Menlo feels special? Yes! We are creating a senior lounge, designing a new senior “wall,” and meeting regularly with the class members to brainstorm additional programs and events.

  • How will students learn more?
    Both divisions will hold upcoming assemblies where we’ll walk the students through the components of the project.