Programs and Strategic Plan

Creating a diverse and inclusive community.

Our Program

The academic program includes courses that explore literature, languages, and histories from around the world and frequently take a global perspective. Specifically, the required Freshman Seminar on Identity explores the relationship between identity and community. 

As part of their professional development, many Menlo faculty members attend and present at local and national workshops and conferences on diversity and inclusion, and the School hosts speakers at faculty in-service workshops.

In addition to many other conferences they attend, students and faculty attend and present at the yearly People of Color Conference and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference run by the National Association of Independent Schools. There, participants understand their roles in advancing their schools’ equity and justice around racial and ethnic identity, and students work with trained adult and peer facilitators to develop effective cross-cultural communication skills and effective strategies for social justice. Faculty also present on diversity topics at the annual California Association of Independent Schools conference.

Menlo hosts many events and speakers for students, faculty, and parents on diversity and global issues. Students and faculty also organize on-campus events that celebrate diverse cultures, such as Hispanic Heritage Month events, the biannual International Fair and performances by groups from around the world.

Strategic Plan 2020-2021

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Professional Development

Provide teachers with ongoing opportunities to engage in critical self-reflection and to explore the cultural background of their students.

Student Inclusiveness

Work toward creating a Menlo School environment in which all students feel a sense of belonging.

Family Support and Engagement

Respond effectively to the diverse needs of our families who come from various cultural backgrounds and encourage their participation in the life of Menlo School.

Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention

Hire, develop, and grow teachers of color and educators who reflect and value other forms of diversity.

Admissions Outreach

Expand our current efforts to recruit students of color and ensure their successful transitions at the sixth and ninth grade levels.

Strategic Plan 2014-2019

View specific details of the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan here.