KnightLine Archive

Quarterly Menlo’s Head of School or another senior administrator writes an article about a pressing issue, an educational trend, or general thoughts and observations.

2023-2024 KnightLines

  • September 2023: In this Knightline, Head of School Than Healy shares lessons learned through Hawaiian canoe culture on the importance of interdependence, unity, and community. 

2022-2023 KnightLines

  • March 2023: In this Knightline, John Schafer, and La Vina Lowery, share their thoughts on AI and preparing students for a rapidly evolving world.
  • February 2023: In this Knightline, John Schafer, discusses how the Upper School is continuously working to ensure our high school curriculum continues to be innovative, engaging, and relevant.
  • January 2023: In this Knightline, Keith Wheeler, shares takeaways and next steps from the AIM Survey conducted this past spring.
  • November 2022: In this Knightline, Middle School Learning Specialist, Frankie Machado, and Middle School Counselor, Kaila Uniacke, discuss the Habits of the Heart and Mind and Habits of Learning.
  • November 2022: In this Knightline,  John Schafer and La Vina Lowery discuss the takeaways from the 2022 Challenge Success Survey.
  • October 2022: In this Knightline, Than Healy shares his goals and priorities for the 2022-2023 school year. 
  • September 2022: In this KnightLine, Than Healy shares his desire for our community to prioritize empathy in our work and interactions with each other.

2021-2022 KnightLines

  • October 2021: In this KnightLine, Than Healy considers the importance of connection and the distinction between happiness and joy.

 2020-2021 KnightLines

  • April 2021: In this KnightLine, Keith Wheeler, and Than Healy discuss the miracle of vaccines, the troubling history of medical racism, and the need for radical empathy.
  • September 2020: In this Knightline, Than Healy reflects on the lessons we can derive from those before us who faced immense challenges.

2019-2020 KnightLines

  • April 2020: In this KnightLine, Than Healy reflects on a personal hero and discusses sustaining hope in the face of adversity.
  • November 2019: In this KnightLine, Than Healy reflects on the importance of sustaining our community culture. 

2018-2019 KnightLines

  • December 2018: In this KnightLine, Than Healy offers his gratitude and a few holiday reflections. 
  • November 2018: Following up on the October KnightLine (below), Than Healy, John Schafer, and La Vina Lowery continue to discuss themes from recent surveys and share what the School is working and what’s to come 
  • October 2018: Than Healy, John Schafer, and La Vina Lowery discuss themes from recent surveys and share what the School is working and what’s to come (Part I of II).

2017-2018 KnightLines

  • May 2018: Middle School Director La Vina Lowery talks about “Habits of the Heart and Mind.”  
  • May 2018: Upper School Director John Schafer introduces M Term.
  • November 2017: Than Healy shares a few stories of what makes him especially grateful to be a part of this School.
  • November 2017: Matt Mettille, Director of College Counseling, offers insights on some current trends in college admissions.
  • September 2017: Than Healy reflects on his experience attempting a mid-air trapeze transfer and likens it to being a student at Menlo.

2016-2017 KnightLines

  • April 2017: Peter Brown, Global Programs Coordinator, discusses Why Menlo Abroad?
  • March 2017: Middle School Community Service Learning Coordinator Marisa LaValette discusses Knights in the Community service week
  • December 2016: Than reflects on the benefits of athletics and the School’s tremendous fall season.
  • October 2016: Than discusses the School’s great start and offers an overview of his goals for the year.

2015-2016 KnightLines

  • June 10, 2016: Than Healy reflects on Menlo’s journey throughout the past year.
  • January 29, 2016: Tracy Bianchi shares how we can partner to empower and support our kids and provides an overview of this year’s Parent & Faculty Education Conference.
  • January 20, 2016: Angela Birts shares highlights and updates around the work we are doing to promote diversity and inclusion at Menlo.
  • December 16, 2015: Than Healy talks about the joyfulness that abounds at Menlo and how it makes the School unique.
  • December 7, 2015: La Vina Lowery discusses her experience and observations after living a “day in the life” of an eighth grader.
  • November 2015: John Schafer examines the busy lives our students lead and discusses what we can do to slow things down
  • October 2015: Than Healy, John Schafer, and La Vina Lowery provide an overview of the parent survey

2014-2015 KnightLines