Learning Support Resources

There are many ways to help your child both at Menlo and outside of school. 

Menlo Resources

Middle School

  • Learning Seminar: A trimester-long course for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students to build executive functioning skills, self-advocacy, and effective learning strategies. 
  • Homework Club: An opportunity for Upper School students to mentor and provide academic support to Menlo Middle School students. It’s also a space where Upper School students can come to do homework, get peer support, and build community. Homework Club meets in the library from 3:30-4:30 every Wednesday, except Day 1. 
    • To inquire about volunteering, please contact Ms. Magaña (B210).
  • 1:1 Individualized Support: Our middle school learning specialist is available to check in with your student for a 1:1 individualized support session to work on organization, study strategies, and how to best use accommodations. 

Upper School

Tutoring schedule with names, times, and subject areas. (*Note: Some links are only viewable to @menloschool.org email addresses.)

  • Writing Center: Students can get 1:1 help with both reading and writing from a list of student coaches and Ms. Sincoff. See schedule above for details. 
  • Drop-In Tutoring: Several members of the math department, Tim Morris, Jude Loeffler, and John Norris, are available for one-on-one help in the Learning Center (SH 105). See schedule above for details.
  • Peer Tutoring: See schedule above for details.
    • Physics: Peer tutors are available on Zoom several nights a week and by appointment. 
    • Chemistry and Biology: Peer tutors are available during tutorials and by appointment. 
    • Computer Science: Students in CS1 can attend TA office hours most evenings via Zoom. 
  • Individualized Learning Support: One of the Upper School learning specialists can be available to check in with your student for a 1:1 individualized support session to work on organization, study strategies, and how best to use accommodations.
  • Learning Center: Menlo’s learning specialists may recommend enrollment in the Learning Center as a part of your child’s designated formal class schedule if their learning profile indicates that regular, ongoing support is needed. If Menlo believes this placement might be appropriate for your child, a Learning Specialist will contact your family to discuss this opportunity. 

Community Resources
If you would like to learn more about learning differences in general, or specific learning differences, please use the following Learning Differences Fact Sheets from Understood.Org: 

Child Mind Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing students and families with resources and services designed to support people with learning differences and mental health challenges. 

If you are interested in exploring external tutors or coaches and would like some recommendations, please contact the Middle or Upper School Learning Specialist.