Applied Science & Engineering

Menlo School hosts STEM Day to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Photo by Sally Shan Li.

The Applied Science and Engineering department at Menlo School seeks to develop a deep understanding of core skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the fields of experimental science and engineering. The courses in this department offer students the opportunity to do real world science and engineering. The predominant mode of learning is by doing. The courses are hands-on and designed to tap into the student’s passions. Students will apply and build upon knowledge learned in their standard math and science classes in the context of exciting and innovative projects. Along the way students will learn essential and practical new skills used in today’s Silicon Valley. Students will learn design, optimization, and tinkering skills. Students work with cutting edge tools like micro controllers, CAD, robotics equipment, laser cutters, and 3D printers. The courses employ an iterative method of learning while developing curiosity and building critical thinking skills along the way.