World Language

Communication. Culture. Creativity.

At the Menlo Middle School, world language is a core component of the academic program. With a combination of immersion in the target language, creative projects, skill development and cultural activities, supportive teachers guide students through the rigorous program, preparing them to continue their study in the Upper School and to become engaged members of the global community.

Four equally vibrant languages are offered:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Latin
  • Mandarin

Our students practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in a new language. As their skills develop, they hone their ability to communicate effectively and to interact with the world around them.


While exploring the traditions surrounding a new language, our students open their eyes to a new world, come to understand their own world better, and learn to appreciate differences and embrace diverse cultures.


Our students enjoy celebrations and cultural projects through art, music, skits, field trips, guest speakers and technology.