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General Questions About Menlo and the Application Process

Where can I find facts about the School or the school profile?
What kind of student is Menlo looking for?

Menlo seeks students who love learning and have strong academic skills. We want students who are kind, honest, and inclusive of others. Menlo students are motivated and eager to try new things, to stretch themselves, and become involved in our community beyond the classroom. Although Menlo is a relatively small school,  we have a big-school program and we are looking for students who will engage in all we have to offer.

Where do Menlo students come from?

Menlo students come from a wide variety of public, independent, and parochial schools—from over 35 schools into each of our divisions! Committed to attracting and supporting students from a broad spectrum of ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds, Menlo strives to reflect the rich diversity of communities that surround it.

What is the school’s commitment to cultural and ethnic diversity? How diverse is the Menlo community?

We believe students are better educated and prepared to succeed when the School community—students, families, faculty, administration, and staff—is diverse and inclusive. Diversity benefits the entire community by providing a wide range of perspectives and experiences. Currently, 54% of our students identify as non-white.

Does Menlo offer Financial Aid?

Yes! Menlo seeks to attract talented students from every socioeconomic background. For the 2023-2024 school year, over $7 million in aid has been awarded to 20% of the students. Financial aid is need-based; aid is awarded based on a family’s need, not on academic or athletic ability.

Will Menlo be hosting visitors to campus for Admissions events during the 2023-24 Admissions season?

Menlo’s 2023-24 admission season will include both in-person and virtual events. Please check the admissions page of the Menlo website for the most current information about ways we will help you get to know the school.

How many openings are there for new students?

Our primary entry points are sixth and ninth grade. Each year we enroll between 70 and 75 students into both sixth grade and ninth grade. Class size in the Upper School is about 145, half from our middle school and half new to Menlo in ninth grade.

Does Menlo accept transfer students?

While we do accept applications to grades 7, 8,10, 11, and 12, we want families to be aware that we are fully enrolled, and students would have to leave the School before an opening would occur in grades other than our entry points, grades 6 and 9.

May international students apply?

International students may apply to Menlo, however as a day school with no boarding facilities, Menlo expects all students to live locally with their family.  We do not have the ability to issue I-20 visas. We are a family-focused community, and parents are expected to be on campus frequently to volunteer, attend meetings, or athletics/arts events.

How do students commute to school?

Menlo is committed to sustainability and encourages students to “go green.” Menlo students commute by bus, train, carpool, bike, and foot. Menlo provides free bus transportation along four different routes and a shuttle to and from the Caltrain station in Menlo Park. Many families carpool and some older students drive themselves. See our transportation page for more information.

What college counseling resources are available?

The College Counseling Office carefully guides students through the college admission process. Counseling begins in the spring of sophomore year and continues through the spring of senior year. Each student is assigned to one of our four college counselors and the counselors meet regularly with students and parents. The College Counseling Office maintains a comprehensive website.

What kinds of academic support does Menlo offer?

Our academic and learning support programs in both Middle School and Upper School provide support and guidance at all levels, from faculty-led help sessions; to a math/science learning lab and writing center; to one-on-one sustained study skills coaching; to Student Success Plans to support those with diagnosed learning differences. Of course, the most meaningful support is the strong relationships between our students and our teachers, who work every day to develop learning environments that ensure that all of our students thrive.

Does Menlo have a sibling admission policy?

The goal of the Menlo School Admissions Office is to build a well-rounded class of students who will thrive in, and contribute to, the Menlo community. We give careful consideration to candidates who are siblings of current Menlo students.  Although Menlo School values keeping families together as much as possible, every year qualified, affiliated students are not offered admission due to the competitiveness of the applicant pool and space constraints.  Menlo siblings are a priority, but new families must also be given comparable consideration, since all Menlo families, at one time or another, were themselves “new” families.