Tuition and Financial Aid

We’re committed to making a Menlo education affordable for all.

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Our Financial Aid Policy

Menlo School is committed to serving an economically diverse community of students. To this end, the School endeavors to make its education affordable to all who are qualified, regardless of their financial resources.

Need-based, Need-blind

Menlo School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and adheres to its “Principles of Good Practice for Member Schools” for our financial aid policy. All financial aid awards are based exclusively on financial need. In compliance with the NAIS Principles, we do not offer merit or athletic scholarships.

Menlo’s financial aid awards are strictly need-based and can range from hundreds of dollars to close to the full cost of tuition. Our average Financial Aid award is $33,000. Because we believe that funding an independent school education should be a high priority, all families are expected to make some contribution to the tuition. The Admissions Committee considers each applicant without knowing whether or not the applicant’s family is applying for financial aid. Once students are admitted, the Financial Aid Committee meets to review the financial aid applications of admitted students to determine the size of each student’s grant.

Year to Year

Menlo is committed to providing aid during the student’s entire time at the School. Families must reapply for financial aid each year, and adjustments to an award can occur due to a change in a family’s’ financial situation. 

Tuition for the academic year 2019-2020 is $49,110.

Additional costs of attending school—charges for books, supplies and certain school activities—are not included in tuition. However, families receiving financial aid for school tuition also receive financial support to meet these additional costs.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Read through our financial aid application instructions and checklist (Solicitud de Ayuda Financiera e Instrucciones )

Download IRS Form 4506 .