The Menlo Alumni Department is fortunate to have more than 100 committed volunteers helping support the efforts of the Alumni Department, the Alumni Board, and Menlo School.

You can get involved in any number of ways, whether it’s event planning, fundraising, communications, career networking, appearing on an alumni panel, working with our faculty, and more. Contact Katherine Kelly at katherine.kelly@menloschool.org or 650.330.2001 ext. 2606 for information on what you can do to help bring Menlo alumni closer together.

Alumni Executive Committee 

(Our Alumni Advisory Board to the School)

From strategic planning and goal setting to all-hands-on-deck execution, this group is the driving force behind the Menlo alumni program’s success.

Priyanka Goel-Chandrasekar ’03, President
Scott Barkley ’88, Vice President
Greg Alden ’90
Stephanie Barrales ’06
Tucker Beim ’94
Alex Cecil ’04
Angela Curotto-Pierson ’07
Katie Dissmeyer Dodd ’94
Mallory Frye Platshon ’03
Varish Goyal ’93
Sunny Goyal ’95
Jack Heneghan ’14
Anil Kapur ’96
Jon-Jon Lam ’11
John Maletis ’95
Gina Merlone Marek ’02
Victor Mezhvinsky ’00

Angel More ’20
Romi Mahajan Murphy ’92
Ashley Quintana ’09
Mark S. Roberts ’98
Robert Salama ’92
Brad Vaughn ’99
Olivia Main Ward ’86
Chasen White ’11
Roger Zamora ’04

Class Agents

Class Agents are the liaisons between the Alumni Office and their classmates. They are some of our most valuable volunteers! Class Agents serve as our communications specialists for each class. They help with reunion planning, class note collection, marketing events, messaging around alumni initiatives, and keeping contact information up-to-date.

If you need contact information for your class agent or would like to become a class agent, please  email Katherine Kelly at katherine.kelly@menloschool.org 
or call her at 650.330.2001 ext. 2606.