Parents of Alumni (PALs)

PAL is the next step after the Menlo School Parents Association (MSPA).  While your child was a student at Menlo, you were a member of the MSPA.  Once you and your student graduate from Menlo, the Parents of Alumni (PAL) Association awaits.

Who belongs to PAL?

Membership is automatic for all alumni parents and guardians, much the same as membership in MSPA is automatic while you have a student at Menlo School.

What is the PAL Association’s purpose?

The association’s mission is to keep alumni parents and families involved, informed and invested in Menlo School.

What does PAL do?

PAL sponsors activities which bring alumni parents back to campus, helping to maintain and strengthen their ties with each other and the school. These events and communications highlight the school’s priorities and successes. PAL offers opportunities for alumni parents to continue their involvement in the Menlo community.

How can I get involved with PAL?