Parents of Alumni (PALs)

Who is a PAL?

Parents of Alumni (PAL’s) are a critical component of maintaining a close and supportive Alumni Community. They are the champions of the School past and present. PALs are also the conduit to their alumni children. Membership is automatic for all alumni parents and guardians, much the same as membership in the MSPA is automatic while you have a student at Menlo School.

 Once you and your student graduate from Menlo, the Parents of Alumni (PAL) Association awaits!

What is the PAL Association’s purpose?

The association’s mission is to engage our graduating families by welcoming them to the Alumni Community and encourage their continued deep connections with each other and the School with the intention of fostering a continued sense of community well beyond their years at Menlo.

What does the PAL Association do?

The PAL Association sponsors activities and/or events to keep us Uknighted! These events (both on campus and off) are created to keep our community strong and help you stay in touch with the many friends and connections you made during your time as a parent at Menlo. 

How can I get involved with PAL?

  • Join our leadership team! It’s all about creating fun and engaging opportunities to stay connected with the School and each other.  For more information about joining the PAL leadership team, please reach out to
  • Attend PAL events. 
  • Join Menlo Connect is Menlo School’s dedicated and private career, networking, and mentorship database for current juniors and seniors, alumni of all ages and current and past parents. It is our “go-to” program to help provide career exploration, internships, and career exploration. It is also a fantastic networking tool! Create an affinity group, a book or gardening club, or a class-specific club. It’s all there for all of you and your grads! Any questions about the platform or the programming of Menlo Connect, please contact
  • For ongoing updates and so much more, please read In the Loop, our monthly newsletter for all alumni and parents of alumni! 

We look forward to staying Uknighted with YOU!!