Vocal Music

Sing with Us!

You’ll learn musicianship and vocal skills while performing great music in a fun and supportive environment.


  • Embody Voice (FAX)


    Open to all freshmen interested in beginning vocal music in any capacity. Topics and repertoire covered will include a variety of vocal music styles. Essential elements of music performing and music literacy will be covered. Bring your friends, no prior experience is required to be in this vocal ensemble

  • Knight Singers

    This is a year-long course.

    A year-long audition-only mixed chamber choir of acapella and accompanied vocal music repertoire that spans from jazz, popular, musical theater, classical, and more. Prior vocal experience is not required but is highly recommended. Musicians will perform repertoire in 2-4 part harmony and will perform at least twice a year. Those who enjoy singing in a more standard choral form should take this class. 

    Open to 10th-12th graders and 9th grade with teacher permission.

    Prerequisites: Previous experience in a vocal group is strongly recommended. 

  • Vocal Exploration

    This is a year-long course.

    This course is designed to explore the intersection of music and culture and will include listening, occasional reading, and short presentations. Several American musical styles will be covered in this class! 

  • Musical Theater (1S)

    This is a semester-long course is and is offered in the FALL only. 

    This class is designed to tell stories through music with the goal of developing an awareness of emotional truth and connection. It is a performance-based course focused on the three essential elements of musical theatre- music, drama, and movement. Material covered will include vast repertoire from musical theatre while also discovering how the history of the genre relates to the present. Students are encouraged to bring their own repertoire while also being open to learning something new. We will perform scenes from musical theatre repertoire from the golden age to the present. Prior experience in vocal music, drama, and/or movement is encouraged.