Camps and Clinics

Menlo Knights throughout the year.

Soccer camp Menlo School sports camps are designed for student-athletes to learn from Knights coaches and staff and are offered throughout the year—whether it’s preparation for an upcoming season or simply for fun and to stay in shape in a high energy, positive setting. We strive to help students to develop their skills, foster athleticism, and promote sportsmanship in a safe environment. 

Summer Camps 2023

🔹 Starting June 12, 2023
🔸 Open to all youth from any school
🔹 Rising grades 2-12
🔸 Full- and part-time options 

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🔸 The Menlo Baseball Camp features “on field” group and individual instruction. This is a fun and informative camp open to the youth baseball community. The Menlo coaching staff is dedicated to the development of baseball skills and fundamentals. This camp will feature skills, drills and competitions in all major areas of the game. Campers will go through a series of hitting, defense, pitching and base-running drills and exercises to improve performance on the field. Each camp day will finish with a situational live game. $550

  • June 12-June 15 (grades 4-9) 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Lead coach
David Trujillo, Menlo School varsity baseball head coach

BOYs’ BASKETBALL (grades 4-8)

🔹 The Menlo School Basketball Academy Summer Camps prioritize fun with an emphasis on skills development for young players. Through group drills and skill stations – with a focus on as much individual attention as possible – players will work with our excellent coaches and counselors to improve all facets of the game. In addition, each day will feature 5-on-5 game play, a “contest of the day,” and a “topic of the day” as determined by our staff.

Lunch will be provided (order form will be sent via e-mail) $375 (grades 4-5) | $475 (grades 6-8).

Elite session: $100

Menlo Basketball Academy camp website

  • Session 1a: June 19-June 23 (grades 4-5) 9:00 am-1:00 pm
  • Session 1b: June 19-June 22 (grades 6-8) 9:00 am-3:00 pm. June 23 9:00 am-1:00 pm.
  • Session 2a: July 10-14 (grades 4-5) 9:00 am-1:00 pm 
  • Session 2b: July 10-13 (grades 6-8) 9:00 am-3:00 pm. July 14 9:00 am-1:00 pm 
  • Elite Session E (grades 7-8):  Closed

Lead coach
Ben Batory, Menlo School boys’ varsity basketball head coach


Menlo’s all-girls’ basketball camp packs as much basketball, team-building, and fun into each six-hour day. Girls will learn the basics of basketball, how to compete, in addition to a number of life skills essential to their overall development. Awards are given at the end of each camp based on displays of skill and character. $595

  • June 26-30 (grades 4-8) 9:00 am-3:00pm

Lead Coach
Melanie Murphy, Menlo School varsity girls’ basketball assistant coach

FOOTBALL (grades 4-8)

🔹 “Rising Knights Football Camp” features offensive and defensive drills and situations to build football technique while instilling core fundamentals of safety, skill development and long-term learning. The camp features dynamic warm-ups, position work, non-contact safe tackling position, flag-pulling. Session will include team run periods (offense and defense) and pass periods (7 on 7/ 9 on 9). Coaches from Menlo’s Div.3 section championship varsity football team, as well as coaches from the undefeated JV team, will be teaching with the goal of providing an exciting and memorable football experience for each player. $400

  • Session 1: June 19-22 (grades 4-8), 11:00 am -1:30 pm
  • Session 2: July 17-20 (grades 4-8) 11:00 am-1:30 pm

Lead coach
Todd Smith, Menlo School varsity football head coach


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lacrosse-boys (grades 5-8)

The Menlo Summer Lacrosse Camp will focus on important FUNdamentals including cradling, throwing, catching, ground balls, dodging, shooting, and individual defense as well as basic offensive & defensive team concepts. A unique feature to our Menlo camp will be classroom-based video analysis to teach and reinforce important individual and team concepts. All instruction will take place in a fun, engaging environment, and we are confident that every camp attendee, from beginners to more advanced players, will take away something valuable from their camp experience. $350

  • Session 1 July 6-8 (grades 5-8) 9:00 am-noon
  • Session 2 July 12-14 (grades 5-8) 9:00am-noon

Lead coach
Blake Kim, Menlo lacrosse program director and varsity boys’ head coach

multi-sports CAMP (grades 5-7)

🔸 Menlo’s multi-sports camps allows campers to plan their day by choosing from a wide range of sports and activities, including basketball, football, wiffleball, kickball, pickleball (variation of tennis), badminton, and Town-Ball.. The aim of the camp is develop the campers’ confidence in their athletic ability through the improvement of agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination with a training session, skill activities and events, including water sports on Fridays. $550

Session 1: June 12-16 | 9:00 am-noon
Session 2: July 17-21 | 9:00 am-noon

Lead coach
King Christian, Menlo Middle School Assistant Athletic Director, Middle School football, basketball, baseball coach

SOCCER-BOYS (grades 4-8)

Powered by Anibaba Skills, the Menlo boys’ soccer camp offers technical development and learning through professional training methods for beginner through advanced-level players in a fun, engaging environment.

Former and current Menlo varsity boys’  soccer players, will help lead the camp which features talks with  former and current MLS players.  $250

Session 1: July 31-Aug. 2 9:00 am-noon (grades 4-8)

About Anibaba Skills

Lead coach
Daniel Hicker, Menlo School varsity boys’ soccer coach

SOCCER -girls (grades 2-8) 

🔸 The Menlo soccer camp offers excellent technical development for beginner through advanced-level players at a high-quality facility, and in a fun, safe environment. Players will be divided by age and skill level. $325

  • Session I June 12-16          9:00am -noon 
  • Session 2 June 19-23         9:00 am-noon.
  • Session 3 July 10-14           9:00 am-noon

Lead coach: Ross Ireland , Menlo School varsity girls’ soccer coach

tennis (GRADES 6-9)

The Menlo tennis camp will focus on working with each individual player on their serves, volleys, or groundstrokes, while also discussing proper shot selection, doubles strategies, and training with plenty of footwork/conditioning drills. $500

The Menlo School High-Performance camp is offered for serious players looking to refine their game and learn strategies, while high level repetitions and skill development. Please contact Bill Shine to see if this camp will be a good fit for the student’s level of play. $500


  • Session 1a:  High-performance (grades 6-9) June 12-16  9:30 am - noon
  • Session 1: (grades 6-8)  June 19-23     9:30am-noon

Lead coach:  Bill Shine, Menlo varsity boys’ and girls’ tennis coach

GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL (grades 6-12)

The Menlo Volleyball Camp offers intense preparation for the upcoming school season. The advanced camp offers sessions of theory and introduction of a daily skill, technique work, drills, and skills competitions. $300

  • Session 1 All-Skills Intermediate-Advanced
    June 12-15  (1:30-4:30 pm)
  • Session 2 Serve Receive-Defense-Advanced
    July 12-14   (3:00-6:00 pm)
    July 15  (1:00-4:00 pm)
  • Session 4 Setters-Advanced
    July 19-21  (3:00-6:00 pm)
    July 22  (1:00-4:00 pm)

Lead coach
Tony Holland, Menlo School varsity volleyball head coach

WATER POLO (coed grades 4-9)

🔹 This one-of-a-kind water polo clinic is open to all experience levels and focuses on core water polo fundamentals and techniques. Attendees will have the opportunity to be coached by some of the best high school players in the country, while also reflecting on the Menlo team’s approach to Be Your Best, which has led to national success over the past 24 years. $275

Session I: June 12-June 15  |   6:15-8:00 pm

Lead coach: Jack Bowen , Menlo varsity boys’ water polo head coach