Knights Leadership Camp

Spring football 2019

May 13-17
May 20-24

Summer conditioning (rising grades 9-12)

Knights Leadership Camp 2019 schedule

Lead coach

Josh Bowie, Menlo School head football coach

This camp is for all rising Menlo School ninth- to 12th-grade grade students who plan on playing football in the fall 2019. This camp teaches the fundamentals, techniques, and schemes of Menlo School’s football program while covering the principles of our comprehensive leadership training. We teach the latest techniques of modern advanced football with proven fundamental training to ensure that each player is put in a position to succeed to the best of their ability while keeping them as safe as possible. In addition to team practice plans we will spend time working on improving individual skills in a variety of offensive and defensive positions.

Menlo School’s football program has graduated dozens of college football players, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, creative executives, teachers and coaches, military officers, and community, national, and world leaders over the past several decades. A primary focus of our camps is to teach the same leadership skills that so many successful young men have strengthen and/or learned in our program.