Physical Education Requirements

Menlo School Physical Education Requirements

Each student is required to pass four semesters of Physical Education to graduate. To fulfill the requirement, each freshman must complete the Freshman Wellness Program, which is taken during freshman seminar, and, during the remainder of their time at Menlo, must earn a total of three more semester credits by participating in one or more of the following:

  • Competing for an interscholastic team (one season = one semester of credit)
  • Enrolling in a wellness program (yoga, fitness, Pilates) offered by Menlo as an after school program in the wellness center.
  • Enrolling in dance class, given during the regular school day. Students receive one semester of credit for each semester class, but that credit cannot be used simultaneously to fulfill a Creative Arts requirement.
  • Students may receive credit for outside activities that Menlo does not offer (i.e., crew, rugby, gymnastics, etc.). This is known as “contracting out” and may only be done for two semesters of credit.


Please contact the director of athletics for details regarding outside activity credit before beginning any non-Menlo program.