Undue Influence/Recruiting Policy

CIF/CCS/WBAL Undue Influence Policy

As stated in the CIF, CCS and WBAL Bylaws, Menlo School will: Avoid exerting undue influence on a pupil’s decision to enroll in an athletic program at a public or private secondary educational institution.

Menlo School Undue Influence Policy
  • No one associated with Menlo School may approach a student or his/her parents, either directly or through a third party (teacher, coach, etc.), for the purpose of inducing that student to attend Menlo School in order to participate in athletics.
  • Prospective students or their parents/representatives should contact the Menlo School Admissions Office, not coaches or athletic administrators, to discuss application, admission, financial aid, etc. Menlo School coaches or athletic administrators who may be contacted in this way should direct the person to the Admissions Office.
  • The Director of Athletics is only available to provide general information about Menlo School’s sports offerings and athletic program philosophy. Information on our programs can be found on the Menlo School website.
  • Menlo School coaches, athletic staff or other school representatives are not to discuss team membership, playing time, etc., with prospective students or their parents/representatives. 
  • Menlo School does not provide athletic scholarships.
  • No middle school age individual or team may be invited or given discounted admission to Menlo School athletic contests. These may be extended only to entire classes or school student bodies.
  • Menlo School does not target specific individual students for invitation to sport camps. Menlo School sports camps are open to the general public.
  • No middle school student may participate in open gyms, practices, workouts or other athletic activities with Menlo School students during the regular school year.
  • Incoming freshmen are not eligible for summer league play or open gyms/workouts during the summer. Incoming freshmen may not begin organized practices until the league-sanctioned starting date.