Global Online Academy

The mission of the Global Online Academy (GOA) is to replicate in online classrooms the intellectually rigorous programs and excellent teaching that are hallmarks of its member schools; to foster new and effective ways, through best practices in online education, for students to learn; and to promote students’ global awareness and understanding by creating truly diverse, worldwide, online schoolroom communities.

Recently, through GOA, Menlo students have taken courses such as Graphic Design, Abnormal Psychology, Bioethics, Global Health, Digital Journalism, and Microeconomics.

GOA Class Information

  • GOA courses are regular classes and cannot be taken in addition to a full load at Menlo. Students should expect to work five to seven hours per week in these classes.
  • Students who take courses from GOA will receive Menlo credit, and the grade will be calculated into the student’s GPA.
  • Menlo pays the cost of the GOA course for the student.
  • GOA courses run on roughly the same semester schedule as Menlo courses.
  • GOA courses will show on the transcript as “GOA: name of course.”
  • GOA courses are electives and do not substitute for a course required for graduation at Menlo.
  • GOA limits registration for each class to two students from a school. Menlo students are limited to one GOA course per semester.
  • Juniors and seniors are eligible to enroll in GOA classes. Sophomores need permission of the Director of the Upper School.

Please also refer to the GOA website.