Global Learning at Menlo

At home in the world.

Menlo School students explore and do service work in Guatemala. Photo by Roger Zamora.


Global Programs & StudiesMenlo School’s Global Programs aspires to broaden and deepen students’ knowledge, curiosity, and engagement with ever wider communities and cultures.

We offer a variety of programs including Global Scholars, Global Online Academy, collaborative forums with partner schools, and domestic and global travel. Each provides students with the experience and guidance they need to develop global competency and citizenship in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

The Global Classroom: At Menlo, we offer many opportunities for immersive global experiences and studies to expand and enlighten our students’ views of the world and their role in it. 

Global Scholars: Menlo students who have demonstrated a serious interest and achievement in global studies while at Menlo through coursework, language study, community service, and travel are eligible to earn this certificate.

Global Travel: Menlo offers global trips such as Guatemala and India so that students can explore other environments, cultures and people in a more immersive way.

Global Online Academy: Menlo has been a member of the Global Online Academy since 2013. The mission of the Global Online Academy (GOA) is to replicate in online classrooms the intellectually rigorous programs and excellent teaching.

Youth Philanthropy Project: Menlo’s Global Issues for Global Citizens class annually partners with the HAND Foundation for Menlo’s Youth Philanthropy Project, which gives students the opportunity to learn about philanthropy’s role in addressing social issues around the world and make a direct impact.

Clubs, Events, & Activities: Menlo’s global education extends beyond the classroom, where students have multiple opportunities to further their understanding of other cultures, environments, and global issues.

Study and Travel Contests: Menlo provides two opportunities for Upper School students to compete for funded travel to more deeply explore interests.

Program for International Students: Each year, Menlo aspires to invite one to three students from around the world to immerse themselves for the year. In recent years, we have had visitors from Botswana, Spain, and Germany.

To learn more about Menlo’s Global programs, contact:

Peter Brown
Upper School History, Global Programs and Studies Coordinator

Credentials: Colgate University, Bachelor of Arts; Stanford University, Master of Arts; National Board Certification 2005; National Board Certification Renewal 2015
ext. 2238