Senior Projects

Empowering students to explore and expand their interests.

Looking for information on this year’s Senior Projects?

Always wanted to learn how to build a boat, or be a butcher? Want to go deeper into your exploration of British poetry? Interested in interning with a heart surgeon? The Senior Project, a culmination of the Menlo School experience, give you time to do that.

For the Senior Project, students design their own plan to pursue a passion or interest over a four-week period under the supervision of a facultSenior Project Presentation.  Photo by Pete ZivkovSenior Project Presentation. Photo by Pete Zivkovy member. In so doing, students will write a compelling proposal, work on the project for at least thirty hours per week during the project period, monitor their progress and reflect on their experience through journal writing and twice-weekly meetings with their faculty supervisor, and give an effective presentation on their project to the school community.

Recent projects have included:

  • Exploring the Peninsula through a Scientific Lens
  • Building a Glider Bench
  • Study of Michelangelo Caravaggio
  • Designing Educational Toys and Puzzles for Children in Need
  • Building a Sustainable Garden
  • Mechanism of Drug Therapy
  • The Art of Sophisticated Humor