Senior Projects

The Senior Projects program strives to engage seniors in independent projects that are connected to personal values, a sense of purpose, and learning that will serve seniors well beyond their time at Menlo.

Senior Project Chart During their final month of school, seniors work to create and execute an individualized project that melds their strengths and interests with a greater purpose. Students begin a multi-tiered proposal and feedback process in January, and they are supported by a Senior Projects committee of teachers, who provide guidance to help empower students to pursue a project of their own design and choosing.

In executing their projects, seniors choose two modes – a primary and a secondary mode – out of the four modes of writing, making, community engagement, and training/apprenticeship. Seniors also need to seek out an outside expert for their project, ideally, someone outside of Menlo faculty and staff who offers significant knowledge and experience with the senior’s chosen topic. 

Past projects have explored a wide array of topics including sustainable gardening, celestial and maritime navigation, working with underserved children at local schools and community organizations, learning American sign language, animation, explorations of different art media, video game research and development, and building projects such as electric go-karts and rockets

For complete details and a timeline, please see the 2019 Senior Projects Handbook, which outlines project criteria, timelines, and important dates for this year. Seniors will share their projects at the Senior Projects Expo in late May.