Student Retreats and Trips

Making connections and building life-long friendships.

Ropes course at the Senior Retreat.

Menlo Middle School 6th grade retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains. Photo by Marisa LaValette.

Creating bonding experiences for our students is central to create life-long friendships. Students in sixth and seventh grade attend two-day class retreats. Eighth graders spend an unforgettable week-long trip to Washington, DC. Upper School Freshman attend a special day-long orientation before school begins and enjoy an overnight on the Quad during the fall. In the spring, the class also participates in an overnight to Santa Cruz. Seniors participate in a two-day off-campus retreat, where they work on an advanced ropes course and take part in an emotional and uplifting “web” activity.

Global Travel

We want our students to experience the world.  Our Global Studies program is designed to give our students maximum opportunities to travel.