Go Menlo. Go Green. Go Earth.

Menlo is committed to doing our part for the community and the environment. We know that teaching our kids the value of sustainability—and putting those values into practice—will help.

Go Menlo

Students bike to campus. The Go Menlo program aims to reduce the number of cars that come onto campus, and thus the number of cars on the streets of our community. Menlo buses, an active carpool program and encouragement to walk and bike to school all help take another car off the road.

Keeping It Green

Chrissy Orangio, Menlo’s Director of Sustainability, collaborates with students, teachers, and parents to create real change in our community. We’ve added compost and recycling bins across campus, as well as solar panels and a student-run garden, just to name a few initiatives. The Menlo School Green Council works to design and implement new initiatives and helps raise community sensitivity to environmental issues through classroom study, speakers and campus activities.