Frequently Asked Questions
Public Transportation

Q: Can Menlo Faculty/Staff ride on the Menlo School bus?
A: Yes.


Q: If I am sure I am going to walk everyday, do I still need to fill out the Commute Calendar?
A: Yes. All those who want to qualify for the bonus need to fill out the Commute Calendar

Q: How long in advance or in retrospect can I fill out my Commute Calendar?
A: There is a two week window from the present date from which you can fill out your Commute Calendar

Q: If I use multiple methods of transportation to get to campus, which one should I enter?
A: It does not matter. All of the buttons are worth the same, except for Drive Alone, which is worth zero.


Q: What defines a carpool?
A: A carpool is defined as any combination of faculty, staff or students that takes one car off the road.

Incentive Program

Q: Where is the sign-up form?
A: Please click on link embedded into the text above all of the tabs.

Q: What do I do if I am at home for a school day?
A: If you are at home for ANY reason and not commuting to campus on a class day, please enter “@Home” into the Commute Calendar.

Q: Should I enter anything on the Commute Calendar on non-class days (i.e. a weekend or break day)?
A: No. Use the Commute Calendar only on days when classes are in session. You don’t need to enter “@Home” on a non-class day.

Q: Do non-class days (i.e. Spring Break or Faculty In-Service days?) count towards my exception days?
A: No. Only days in which students have class or finals count towards exception days.

Q: Who is eligible for the incentive program?
A: Benefited faculty and staff who are non-contract employees are eligible for the bonus.

Q: Do I have to use the same method of transportation everyday?
A: No, any combination of alternative means of transportation is allowed.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Q: What counts as an “emergency” that would require a ride home?
A: Please refer to the Emergency Ride Home Program Rules.

Q: What if I need a voucher and Kevin is not on campus?
A: Contact Menlo Security at 650.799.4993. They will let you into Kevin’s office and find you a voucher.