Guaranteed Ride Home

Sometimes the best intentions go awry.

You took the train to school, but trains are delayed an hour…or you had to stay late at the last minute and your carpool couldn’t wait. Don’t let that possibility stop you from carpooling or using public transit: in such situations, you have a free Guaranteed Ride Home.

Menlo will partner with to provide a free taxi ride or rental car to get you home. Let’s say you used an alternative commuting method that morning—you carpooled, took the train or biked. Then something happens:

  • You miss your carpool.
  • There’s a personal or family emergency.
  • There’s a daycare emergency.
  • The train or bus is delayed more than 20 minutes.
  • Your bike was stolen (tragedy!).
  • You walked, and now it’s pouring rain. Or snowing. (Hey, it could happen!)
  • Your meeting with Than ran over and you missed the train.

Just contact Chrissy Orangio, Director of Sustainability, and she’ll give you a voucher for a taxi ride (for trips within 25 miles) or an Enterprise rental car (for trips more than 25 miles). Give the voucher to the taxi or the rental car company, and you’re good to go. No money, no effort.