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LiveWhale’s administrative toolkit is available to all users designated as Admins in the Groups manager.

You won’t use every admin page every day, but it’s important to know what you’ve got to work with (and how they work).


This is a report of everything that happens in LiveWhale.  You can target specific groups or activity types, and search activity by user name or keyword. (For example, if you get a call that someone’s event is messed up, you can see who edited it when.)


This page lets you retrieve backups, which are created nightly, and export all data.


Bulletins are messages from LiveWhale Admins like you to your user community.  Use them for things like upcoming site upgrades, training sessions, etc.


This page is the home for system-wide settings shared across all groups. Admins can set global tags, event categories, places, create and manage shared widgets, and set blurb and profile types.


Users is where you create and manage users. You can also import and export them in CSV format.


LiveWhale Redirects are a built-in, simple method for sending visitors using one web address to another. They can be used for vanity URLs or to facilitate changes to the location of a site or page.