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“Middle School drama presents "The Alibis" on the Spieker Stage.”

Content Strategy: Sharing, Tagging and Community Tools

Well-written, relevant content is the key to a great site. LiveWhale helps your content flow.

Content strategy is (finally!) becoming popular in the higher education world. Most content management systems seem to be nothing more than an interface for your database of content. LiveWhale stores content in a database too— however, its focus is on empowering many users to craft and share content so that it flows to where it belongs, and doesn’t just stay stuck in a database.

LiveWhale is designed for higher ed communities, and specializes in the kind of communications that colleges and universities need to do on a daily basis.

Removing the Friction of Workflows

LiveWhale does not have an editing or approval workflow for a reason. We believe that the best content comes from an environment of trust; users are more likely to create content that’s genuine, interesting, and relevant when there’s no gatekeeper to go through. LiveWhale logs every change and who made it, so a conversation can still be had if needed, but the people given the responsibility to publish to the live site almost always do so responsibly.