Hello Menlo

“Middle School drama presents "The Alibis" on the Spieker Stage.”

Images, Video and More

There’s a lot more to page editing than just the words on the page. LiveWhale’s editor lets you incorporate images, video, advanced text formatting, or good old-fashioned HTML (if that’s your thing). 

Working with Images

To place an image on your page, click the image button:

Add Images/Media

That’ll show you the images in your image library; these include images you’ve uploaded yourself as well as shared images from other LiveWhale users.

From here you can pick the image you like, set its properties and place it on the page; you can also upload an image from your computer.

Embedding video

LiveWhale supports embedding of video from most popular video services, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitvid, and several other services.  Click the media button:

Add Images/Media

The resulting popup box will let you insert the URL of any video, and LiveWhale will translate that to an embed on the fly.