Hello Menlo

“Seniors join the audience to begin the graduation ceremony.”

Put Your Content on the Map

In LiveWhale, most all forms of dynamic content— like news stories and events— can be geo-located, and it’s easy to do. We call it LiveWhale Places.

For instance, when you’re editing a story you can Plot it on a map. You can either type the name of the place and get popular locations already created by your Admin, or create a new place one on-the-fly, like the Statue of Liberty. (Most any street address or major landmark will do.)

Once content is assigned a Place, then you can group it by place, or nearness to that place, to create amazing visual presentations.

We’ll say it— Places is one of the most interesting tools in LiveWhale. Here are a few uses we’ve seen:

  • Make a quick campus map. Geo-tag a bunch of images, galleries, or even some videos (in blurbs) with some short text to make a quick map of campus.
  • Show your presence in a city, or across the globe. Use a location-aware news widget to show news geo-tagged to a city. Or conversely, show your partnerships across the globe.
  • Give the crime map an edge. Campus crime maps are required by law, but says they need to be boring. Make yours from blurbs geo-tagged to the correct location.
  • Send campus events to digital screens. OK, this one requires a little extra work, but your CMS can power your digital screens too.