Story Highlights

  • This year, more than ever upperclassmen have assumed leadership roles for the spring Dance Concert. The Coat of Arms offers a preview of the ever-popular performance event.
  • Upper School Student Life is focusing on “greater purposes” this quarter, and the Community Service Club, Knight Vision, is organizing a range of service opportunities for students. There’s even a service day for families.
  • Knights senior one of 16 recipients for honor
  • Teachers and students talk about Menlo’s philosophy of teaching world languages and offer a glimpse of what goes on in our classrooms.
  • Upper School Director John Schafer unveils Menlo IP. Three Fields of Study offer interested students opportunities to create deeper, more meaningful learning explorations and chart new paths of distinction in high school.
  • Freshman Michelle Louie and Hailey Tsuda have been bringing service dogs-in-training to Menlo with them a few days a week since the start of second semester. Maudie Frye ’17 recently interviewed the girls for a Coat of Arms story.