Hybrid Learning Daily Checklist

Daily Checklist: Hybrid Learning
Welcome back to campus!

Before you leave for school each day …

Complete the COVID-19 Daily Check-In using the One Medical App (be honest!)

Check that you ordered lunch through Nutrislice; if you didn’t place an order before the deadline, pack a lunch

Bring a refillable water bottle

Pack your fully charged laptop and noise-canceling headphones or earbuds with a built-in mic

Don’t forget your mask! No bandanas, masks with exhale valves, or gaiters that are thin/loosely woven enough to be see-through

Dress in layers, since you will be spending more time outdoors. Middle schoolers, wear clothing suitable for PE (Monday-Thursday).

When you are on campus, please…

Be familiar with entry points on campus

US: Enter campus at the top of the Loop

MS: Enter through MS parking lot entrance

Be ready to show your green badge to security when you arrive

Practice social distancing; maintain 6 feet apart at all times

Wash your hands often

Don’t touch your face or mask

Do not share materials or food of any kind with other students

Keep your backpacks tidy!

US: Keep your backpack with you at all times, and under your seat in class

MS: Use the cubbies outside of your Advocate’s room

Where did you eat lunch today? 

US: Complete the Daily Lunch Location form 

MS: You will complete your form in class after lunch every day

When you use the restroom, stick to your grade’s assigned location throughout the day: 

6th graders use bathrooms behind the 6th grade building

7th & 8th graders use bathrooms in the 7th grade building

9th graders use bathrooms upstairs in the A Building

10th graders use bathrooms downstairs in the A Building

11th graders use bathrooms upstairs in the B Building

12th graders use bathrooms downstairs in the B Building

Email the School Nurse at nurse@menloschool.org if you are feeling unwell for any reason, at any point during the school day. Then proceed to the medical tent, where our staff will make sure you’re evaluated and cared for.

Medical tents are located at …

US: Patio at Martin Hall

MS: Back of the 6th grade building

When you exit campus, please…

If you drove to school, exit through the hallway near A136

If you’re being picked up from the Middle or Upper School Buildings, head directly to the Loop and stand on a marked spot while you wait for your ride

Middle schoolers, if you’re being picked up from PE, you may meet your parent(s) at your PE location