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the course work each student has completed so far vs. their intended program of study, all while keeping in mind their academic strengths and interests. In continued alignment with our college counseling mission, our answers will be highly individualized based on each student, so we encourage students to come see us with their own questions. We may advise
two students differently, but that’s actually a good thing: no two students have identical strengths and aspirations, so our guidance will vary depending on the situation.
If students have questions about eligibility (whether they qualify for an honors history or math class,
for example), they should speak with their current teacher in that subject. Though college counselors can give excellent advice about how to round out a course of study, we cannot provide expertise on a students ability in a given subject.
As always, we are here to help. Please come see us with questions!
 How and When to Sign Up
sign up with either John Schafer, Julie Hammack, Kathryn Gray, or Cathy Chen from March 6-26
sign up during advocacy with their advocates on March 8.
sign up with their college counselors on a drop-in basis from March 8-14.

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