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of a Summer Campus Visit
by Elena Wong, Director of West Coast Admission, Drew University
 With summer just around the corner, visiting colleges can
be a great way to take advantage of seeing different universities while
on vacation or visiting family and friends. As you continue to develop your college lists, visiting a variety of colleges is the best way to figure out what you are interested in and where you want to study for the next four years—suburban vs. urban, large vs small, and more. It’s an exciting time to reflect on what’s important to you! Here are some tips for making the most of summer college visits.
Plan Ahead (as best you can)
A lot of schools will have summer hours, so tours might differ from
the normal tour schedule during the academic year. Similarly, if a school offers interviews, there might not be as many opportunities during the summer. Understand that staff and faculty might not be on campus. If you want to talk to a professor or learn more about an academic program, plan on learning
from the admissions office and people available on campus. Some universities might offer group visit days in the summer which will be more comprehensive, so plan ahead!
Quiet Campus
Remember, campuses will be quieter during the summer. This is the time where not only are students off campus, but faculty and staff take vacation too. Don’t judge a campus negatively simply because it may appear that there aren’t a lot of things happening; campus life is going to be quiet until the end of summer. Keep this in mind as you create your pro and con list after the visit.
Even though campus might not be as robust as the brochures show during your visit over the summer, check out the town or city where the school is located. Get a sense of the community and try to eat at a local spot.
Get Information
No matter if you visit a school in the summer, fall, winter or spring, here are a few tips I tell everyone to do when they visit a university.
➤ Take notes! (Colleges will start to blend together as you visit. Let’s get real, we all have interlibrary loan and study abroad programs. Write what makes the school different or anything that you found interesting from the tour. Take notes or a pro and con list right after your visit so your thoughts are fresh.)
➤ Take pictures!
➤ Get business cards of everyone you meet (and follow up with thank you emails at the colleges where demonstrated interest is important).
➤ Ask questions. Anything that’s important to you, ask!
This is a very exciting time, make sure to enjoy it.

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