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KNIGHTtime News
A Guide for Parents
 By Lisa Giarratano
Knightime News usually includes an article or two with tips for parents during the college process. If you’re sending one off in the fall, congratulations! This one’s for you! Here are eight tips, both practical and heartfelt, we have for parents sending their kids off to college.
➤ Mistakes. In our infinite wisdom as older people, we have come to appreciate the mistakes we’ve made. Nothing builds confidence more than failure coupled with the realization that you’re still alive, breathing, and even thriving. Missteps shape our character. Expect, and celebrate, your children doing the same.
➤ Self-Care. Plan a fun activity
for yourself! The days after you drop your child off at college will inevitably feel different, for better and for worse. Take some time for you and indulge in something that brings you joy.
➤ Facebook. If you’re into it, many colleges have a “Parents of X College” Facebook group you can join. It’s a nice place to go to see that most all of your
questions have already been answered and your concerns already addressed.
➤ Recognize Privilege. Many
of you expected your kids to attend college and in turn, many of them haven’t internalized what going to college really means. Remind them that spending four years learning, growing, and focusing almost exclusively on themselves is
a gift. It’s not enough to look around you in the quad, at
the other parents of Menlo students, or even to folks in your extended circle of friends. Attending your dream school, or any college for that matter, isn’t the norm. Remind yourself and remind your kids just how special this is.
➤ Emotions. If it’s your oldest, sending your first one off to college feels like a space launch. You might double, triple, quadruple check everything to ensure you springboard them into adulthood correctly. If it’s your only child or youngest one, an empty nest awaits. Rightfully, this could be one of the most
emotional times in your life. It’s a true right of passage for the entire family, and that will bring emotions. Celebrate the positive ones, be easy on yourself during the sad ones. Know it’s all normal.
➤ Hotels. Make sure you reserve the hotels for drop-offs, big games, and visiting days ASAP. They book up fast—do this now!
➤ Laundry. Have some practice sessions doing laundry at home before your child attempts this for the first time at school. Yes, many schools have laundry service available for an extra fee. This is a good lesson in what it feels like to have your clothes lost or ruined as well. When
this happens, they’ll be happy they know how to do their own laundry themselves.
➤ Backseat. Take their lead, even though you have more experience. This is their moment.

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