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2Do you want a small community
where you recognize almost every face as you walk around campus (and have people recognize you) or would you rather be in a bigger place where you can be a bit more
5What have you liked most
about high school (consider
size, extracurricular offerings, 6 relationships with teachers, etc.)?
What have you liked least about high school (consider size, extracurricular offerings,
7 relationships with teachers, etc.)?
What are your academic interests? Do you need a college that will be flexible with your
8 academic interests?
What are the main activities outside of class that might
be important to your college experience? How large a part of your college experience do you want this to be?
One of our favorite parts of our job
is to help come up with college suggestion lists for students. Sometimes these ideas are met with stares or laughter, but we ask that you keep an open mind—in our visits to many college campuses each year and in hosting over 125 colleges at our school, we discover new and exciting places that would be excellent matches for Menlo students. We don’t expect students to apply to every place we suggest, but we do ask that they research and investigate it—we suggested it for a reason!
Does the idea of attending college in a big city excite or frighten you? How do you feel about living in a more rural or
4quiet setting?
What kinds of people do you
like spending time with or want to spend time with in college? Artsy? Athletic? Passionate about helping others? Studious? Social?

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