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  By Bridget Allard
I rst learned about Menlo 11 years ago when my husband started working in the Upper School as a
science teacher (our  rst son was two and a half years old and our second son was literally weeks old
so we had our hands full!). I quickly discovered the value of the Menlo Community as we were welcomed to a whole host of events sponsored by the School. Two years ago, I was fortunate to become a Menlo parent, and it’s hard to believe that my
The New College Counseling Assistant
oldest is already an eighth grader. He’s had a great time in the Middle School, and if you saw Aladdin last year, then you would have seen him in the role of “The Artist formerly known as...”
Now that my boys are older, it seemed like the right time to get back into the workforce and the stars aligned when the assistant position opened up in the College Counseling o ce. When I’m not at Menlo you
can  nd me cheering on my younger son at his soccer and basketball games, discussing books with my older son, or walking my two dogs
in the neighborhood. At home, you’ll  nd me experimenting in the kitchen, gardening while listening to an audiobook, or taking care of our chickens. After all these years, working at Menlo just feels right, and I’m excited to be contributing to the community.

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