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3 Decision in the first round
(42% of the class), which was down 12% from the previous year. Those 58 students applied ED to more far-reach colleges and opted not to apply ED to places where they were on profile. As a result, the number of students admitted in the ED round went down, as ultimately only 28 were accepted. Despite having a statistical advantage if you apply ED, it’s important for
students to remember they still need to be in the range of the average admitted student profile, it’s a waste of ED to submit a “hail mary” application to a school when you are well off profile.
Any given year about half of the class decides not to apply ED for a variety of reasons that might include waiting for financial aid information or not having a clear top choice
and being excited about every school on their list. If this is you, we always encourage students to apply Early Action, a non-binding admission
plan that allows you to apply and hear back early, to as many colleges as possible which follows the trend of demonstrating interest to the college.

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