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After comparing this data, we were
left wondering: where does this leave colleges and universities that can see there is a clear appetite for this type of program? Where does this leave college counselors who work with aspiring engineers?
Colleges and universities are taking steps to accommodate student interest in these programs. Trinity College admission officers will
be working more closely with professors to ensure there is enough space to accommodate the growing interest in engineering. University of Michigan has no plans on capping enrollment to their engineering programs, despite universities of similar sizes capping program size. On a less lofty level, however, my colleagues and I all agree that there needs to be more education around the implications of applying as an engineer. Here are some questions that students should be thinking about if they are considering this path:
➤ How much do you enjoy math and science? Many, but not all, engineering colleges strongly encourage four years of math and four years of science in high school to best prepare for an engineering major in college.
➤ Are you applying to universities with engineering programs and you think there might be
a possibility you would like
to major in engineering later down the road? Reach out to admissions to learn about the major transfer process (if there is one!).
➤ Do you want to study abroad? Do you want to do other extracurricular activities?
➤ Does your high school counseling office keep
track of admissions to different programs, like engineering? (Menlo’s College Counseling team is starting
to build a database with this information.) If so, check in with your college counseling office to understand the selectivity of engineering programs. If not, reach out to admission officers at the schools in which you are interested to gain a better understanding of the level of selectivity.
There are many engineering programs to consider and new programs are continuously being added. Use online and print resources to help you with researching programs!
No doubt, this panel’s presentation was just the tip of the iceberg in the analysis of engineering admission trends. Other areas that could be examined include trends around gender in engineering, the number of applicants to specific majors within engineering fields, trends
in attracting students from under- represented groups, and the list goes on. Menlo’s college counseling office intends to keep working with colleagues from these institutions and others to explore such trends and keep our students and families up to date on these important topics.

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