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  By Lisa Giarratano
WHO: Over 100 colleges from around the country (and a few abroad) come to Menlo every fall
to visit with our students and the College Counseling staff. The vast majority of the time, the folks visiting Menlo are the same people who
will give a student’s application it’s “first read.”
WHAT: What exactly happens during visits can vary, but the main variable is dependent upon the number of students in attendance. Here is a general breakdown:
➤ 10 or more students
The visit is not unlike an
info session a student might attend when visiting a college or university. The college representative will give an overview of unique programs, student life opportunities, majors, etc., and open it up for questions from the students. They will also have students fill out “interest cards” to track which students signed up and came for information.
THE 411
   ➤ 2-9 students
These end up looking like
small group interviews, where the representative will give a general overview of the school but then dedicate most of their time to a Q&A session. Students will have an opportunity to
ask any lingering questions they have about the college and get specific information that might be hard to suss out on a campus tour. We highly encourage students to come
to these meetings with specific
questions that can’t be found easily on the college website. Successful questions might
be, “I’d like to study English while doing research. What kinds of opportunities are
there on campus for students
to do this?” or “I won’t be able
to travel home during short school breaks. How do you accommodate those students who need housing/community during these times in the school year?”The more personal these questions, the better.

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