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Oftentimes, there is only one student that will show up to a visit. This is actually a fantastic opportunity for a student to have an impromptu interview (which can be extremely valuable in that not all colleges offer interviews). We usually open up one of our offices
for the student and the rep
to have a one on one, 15-20 minute conversation, then excuse the student back to class and debrief with the
rep. If a student signs up for
a visit and sees they are the only one, they should come in with specific questions about the college and be ready to talk about themselves as well. They can always pop in their counselor’s office 5 minutes beforehand for a pep talk or advice.
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Hey, it happens, but it’s not the end of the world. Usually, this
is an opportunity for one of the college counselors to engage in a higher level conversation with the representative coming to visit Menlo. Our goal is ensuring they have a solid understanding of our schools’ mission, our students, and
our counseling philosophy. In turn, we learn about what new initiatives they’re excited about on campus and what types of students they think would be a good fit for their institution. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to network with our colleagues on the other side of the desk!
WHEN: Visits started September 3, and will continue through early November. We are also hosting a college fair during the Student Life block on Tuesday, October 15, from 9:45-10:30 am.
WHERE: All college visits take place in the lobby of the College Counseling Office. Though we try to have most of our visits take place during tutorial, there are some
we must hold during class time. Please note that seniors have to *ask* (not tell) their teachers *24 hours in advance* if they may miss part of the class period to attend a visit. Juniors may not miss class to attend but may come during their free period or tutorial. All visits are approximately 30 minutes.
WHY: The primary reason why hold these visits are, obviously, for the students. It’s especially valuable for those students who may not have the opportunity to fly around the country to see a multitude of colleges in person, and therefore aren’t able to show as much demonstrated interest as their other peers. The latent function of these visits is it gives the college counseling staff an opportunity to catch our peers face to face, even
if it’s only for a fleeting moment before they’re off to the next high school that day. In the end, we’re colleagues; it’s important for us to network, be visible, and show interest in their presence when they’re on campus.
HOW: Students can sign up easily through SCOIR. When a student is “following” or “applying to” a college, they will automatically get an email prompting them
to sign up for the visit. It’s just one click, and they’re done! Then they show up, be wonderful representatives of our school, ask questions, and leave. It’s that simple!

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