Menlo News April 29, 2022

Menlo Global Expo 2022 Celebrates Cultural Heritage

For the first time in three years, Menlo gathered in person to strengthen the bonds of community at Global Expo.
Members of the Pacific Islander affinity group performed at Global Expo.

The Expo, last held in person in 2019, celebrates the richness of the Menlo community’s diverse heritage and invites us to engage in cross-cultural sharing of collective wisdom. A family-oriented event packed with food, performances, and games, it draws attendees spanning the generations, with the youngest adding stamps to their Global Expo “passports” as they circulate through the booths. 

This year’s Expo, held outdoors on the Loop, included booths representing more than 40 different countries as well as a slate of performances including Bollywood dance, a Tongan fashion show, a traditional lion dance, and baile folklórico, among many others. 

In an email sent to the community the week of the expo, Head of School Than Healy wrote, “In the years since we last held the Global Expo in person, my sense of the event’s importance has only deepened … Inviting each other into our unique experiences and perspectives, reconnecting, sharing our pride of ancestry, practicing curiosity about people other than ourselves, deepening our understanding of and empathy for each other’s stories—these are the kinds of activities that weave us together as a society. We are a better school when we can learn from each other, and we are more successful when each student is able to bring their full self to campus each day.”