Beti E. ’24

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From the busy halls to the Menlo spirit on the quad with students dressed all in gold, silver, and blue, to the challenging yet fun activities in the classroom, the commitment and passion for sports, I knew Menlo was the right place for me the minute I entered the beautiful campus. It was like entering an enchanted place. Beyond this magical feel was also the real- the sense of community that I felt when I visited an English class as a guest. On my visiting day, I saw how collaborative the students were and how they worked together as teams to bring out their best. That sense of community building did not only appear in the classroom but also outside on the quad. People dressed in the Menlo School colors (blue and gold) and were full of life. All this made the school more welcoming. Even though it was just a one-day visit, the community was warm and welcoming. Menlo felt at home from the very first day. I chose Menlo that day and I am glad Menlo chose me.

I enjoy having great teachers and friends. My teachers are very helpful and always available. Menlo teachers are very understanding and will guide you through problems and areas that you need support with. My friends are also supportive. Having this strong support system from both friends and teachers helps, and motivates me to wake up early every morning and come to school.

Time management. As a freshman, I struggled with time management the first couple of weeks. In order to cope, I met with my advisor and she helped me make some adjustments to my schedule. It then became easier for me to get my homework done on time, without sacrificing other activities- sports, friends, and time with family. Having great time management and meeting frequently with your teachers for check-ins during tutorials will make you a successful student.

In my first year at Menlo, I joined the Cross Country and Track & field team. I enjoy running with my teammates. We encourage and support each other. They are always there to help and they make every training session memorable. One of my takeaways from last season was the enormous support I got from the seniors. They are very helpful and like a second coach. This year, I am the president of the class of 2024. I am very excited to be the leader of the class and look forward to bringing new ideas and suggestions for fun activities to do together.

In Freshman year two of my favorite classes were Physics and History. In physics class, it was fascinating to learn about concepts such as velocity, momentum, force, and why certain objects are the color they are. I had never really thought about these concepts before and took them for granted. So, it was nice diving deep into the why of things. I also enjoyed history. History has always been one of my favorite subjects and that’s because I love learning about the past, especially when it involves different cultures and backgrounds that I haven’t learned about before. As a person who has lived in 3 different countries: Ethiopia, Mexico, and the USA, learning other people’s history, as well as your own, helps build empathy. It makes you realize that even though our histories are different, we also have a lot in common and can learn from our past. At Menlo, history is not just a subject, it’s a mission. We honor people from our past and remember all they have done for this country and world: for example, celebrating Martin Luther King’s Day, Women’s Week, Global Week, and Hispanic Heritage Week, to name a few. It is history that you can apply to your everyday life.


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