Charlie T. ’27

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My experience at Menlo has been amazing so far. Starting with why I chose menlo in the first place. Though I was new coming into the school I still had my sister and dad to tell me about their experiences as students in the school. I had heard great things about the school but the hardest thing for me was knowing I would miss a lot of my friends. My family reminded me that everybody joining Menlo would be in the same position. I would have an opportunity to make new friends which gave me comfort. That was a huge part in my decision making process.

My favorite part of Menlo is that the faculty will always be supportive. Everyone here is kind.They are people I would be willing to go to if I needed to talk to someone. Not only are the faculty great, but so are all the students. After my first week, I had made friends that I felt I could open myself up to. Even though sometimes you should talk to an adult about some things, I felt I could do the same with the students I had just met.

I struggled in a few of my classes. The thing that got me through those times were my teachers and office hours. At first, I took it for granted, but later in the year, I learned how important they are and what great tools they are. That definitely helped me with my classes and got me through my tests. I would see my classmates understand concepts that I didn’t and that made me feel like I was falling behind. I realized even though I may not understand a certain class, other classmates may not understand something else. I quickly realized it’s about learning with my peers.

Aside from the people, one of my absolute favorite parts of Menlo is how many extra curricular activities are available. At first hearing that I had to do all four arts disciplines: Dance, Music, Drama, and Visual Art. It sounded like the exact opposite thing I thought I would be doing. I started the year with music in which I expected to be singing the whole time. However, it ended up being really fun! I learned to play the ukulele, which was awesome! Visual Art was the one that sounded good to me from the beginning. I like to occasionally draw. In class, I was able to make these amazing pieces of art that I would not have been able to make otherwise. I had dance which was a big no for me. As much as I did not like dancing, this class and teacher made it fun. We did have to dance, but we got to choose the dances, songs, and got to work in groups which made it fun. And finally, drama which was similar to dance, I was not looking forward to it. The sound of having to act and sing was not pleasing. I had the class and, to my surprise, I had so much fun! So all in all, it has been one of my favorite things about Menlo.

One of my favorites would have to be math. It was an amazing class with an amazing teacher! Math was definitely one of those classes that I struggled with a little. And, just like all my other teachers, Ms.Chu was there for me and was always willing to help me during office hours. She also made us laugh. Math is one of those classes I never looked forward to at my old school and even at Menlo. I didn’t like walking into class and having to take a test. That aside, it was always a great time in class.

I did not realize how supportive the Menlo community was, I didn’t even really know about it until my first day. I realized I had made the right choice. I think when people are looking for schools they don’t spend time thinking of the environment or what the people will be like. They think more on about the academics and if it is a good school. The Menlo community is made up of the nicest and kindest people. It’s a great environment. Whether it’s faculty, parents, or students, they all have Menlo spirit. I have the privilege to go to Menlo and am very grateful for this school and what it has done for me.