Mili M. ’27

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I chose Menlo because I appreciated the balance of academics, sports and arts it had to offer.

What I enjoy most about Menlo are the awesome relationships I’ve been able to make with both my classmates and teachers. An example of this is office hours/tutorial (one of the best things ever!). Through office hours and tutorials, I have been able to ask questions concerning the challenges I face in class. Throughout the sessions, the teachers have been supportive and take time to make sure I understand. In addition, the tutorial periods gave me the opportunity to ask my fellow peers questions and also help them. Through my classmates and teachers, I was able to continue to build on my foundation.

During my first year at Menlo, I asked clarifying questions and took more risks. My confidence was still developing. I know that I shouldn’t have worried about whether I got the answer right. I guess I thought that if I didn’t get the right answer that meant that I didn’t understand the material being taught. However, with perseverance, I began to feel more comfortable asking questions. Through this, I was able to identify both my strengths and growth areas, causing me to feel more confident.

One new extracurricular activity that I had the opportunity to experience was track and field. I loved this activity because I was able to hangout with friends, but still be able to be my competitive self. Additionally, the coaches were awesome and taught us so much that we always felt ready and prepared.

My favorite class at Menlo is probably science class because of all the interesting units and hands-on work that we do to enhance our learning experience. For example, when learning about genes last year, we made a model out of twizzlers and gummy bears, both fun and engaging.

One out of the many things that makes Menlo special for me is the bond between all class grades and teachers. This bond makes such an inclusive community that allows YOU to feel like you matter.


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