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Henry Klee



Departments and Positions

Upper School Mathematics


UC Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts, 1989

San Francisco State, Master of Arts, 1991


I have been teaching math at Menlo since 1999. I enjoy teaching all levels of math, and am currently teaching AB Calculus and the Integrated Geometry and Algebra classes. Before my stay at Menlo I taught math at Harker and College of Marin. Besides the language of mathematics, I also speak Spanish. I was born in Peru, and my parents are of Spanish and German descent. I lived in Chile until I was five years old. I have lived in California since then, except for two years I spent in Europe while serving in the US Navy. I received my undergraduate degree in mathematics from UC Berkeley and my Master’s in pure math from San Francisco State. Besides math, I also love to play chess and read poetry, and recently I have been studying quantum physics. I am also a die-hard SF Giants fan!