Menlo School Faculty & Staff


In this course we will undertake historical, cultural, and theoretical inquiries into gender and sexuality in the modern era. Drawing from feminist, queer, and postcolonial methodologies we will seek to understand how gender and sexuality operate in society and our everyday lives. Students’ critical thinking will be honed through the examination of how power, wealth, visibility, freedom, and voice have historically mapped onto norms of gender and sexuality. Accordingly, students will learn how resistance has been waged to trouble these norms, and how to deploy gender and queer theory for emancipatory action and hopeful futures. Through close readings, fun activities, insightful guest speakers, and film, we will pursue the following units: History of women and queer liberation in the United States; Social construction of gender, sexuality, and body concepts; Gender in culture and politics; and Queer theory. This class may be taken for honors credit.