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This class will teach you to apply basic microeconomic and macroeconomic theory to some of the most pressing real-world economic problems of our time. Environmental economics covers the past, present, and likely future costs and benefits of policies that seek to limit the environmental impact of human economic activity. Through looking at a series of case studies, you will learn to compare the cost of taking action to the cost of failing to do so. Development Economics focuses on how different countries, and different groups of people within them, grow richer or poorer over time. We will also examine the ways that governments act to increase or restrict opportunities for economic mobility in areas like taxation, education, and migration.

Instructor: Dr. Hanson

Honors option available to juniors and seniors. Juniors who use the class to fulfill their History graduation requirement will perform independent research projects culminating in a formal research paper.

Open to seniors and juniors. Prerequisite: Economic Theory