Junior English Seminar (H): Literature (1S)


Honors Literature is a survey course that is perfect for students who genuinely enjoy reading and talking about rewarding and memorable texts. This course is a great choice if you love the sustained, high-level discussion aspect of English class. Our reading of top-shelf challenging books will help you grow as a writer and thinker – be prepared for 45 minutes to an hour of reading after each class period, and come ready to share your perspectives with the class through various discussion modalities. Our reading spans genres, and includes novels, poetry, and drama. Students are expected to write independently and under timed conditions; we write frequent, short response papers of typically 1-2 pages in order to gain comfort with shorter-form writing and draw meaning from complex poems, plays, short stories, and novels that speak to the human condition. Honors Literature is ideal for students who love reading and enjoy robust discussion, literary analysis, and deep philosophical inquiry.

With some independent preparation, students who take this course may feel equipped to take the AP Literature exam.