Tracy Bianchi

Student Life

Upper School Counselor


I was thrilled to join Menlo’s team in 2002. I am currently thoroughly involved in the mental health counselling, psychological support services and various parent and student programs at Menlo. In addition, I teach a portion of the freshman seminar on Human Behavior. Two of my many goals with the seminar is to create strong connections with incoming freshman and increase awareness, empathy and kind action-oriented behavior surrounding mental health issues and human behavior in general. begin creating a relationship with each and every freshman as they enter their four-year life as a high school student. Overall, I look forward to sharing the topic of Human Behavior and providing the opportunity for meaningful dialogue engaging in important and meaningful with topics surrounding current adolescent experiences.

Upon receiving my BA from UC Berkeley and my Master’s in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, I did clinical work in several communities, resource centers and school systems, working with students from elementary stages to high school, college and post-college adulthood. In the most recent professional period before Menlo School, I immersed myself in a private psychotherapy practice in Menlo Park.

My time detached from Menlo is filled with active outdoor time with family and friends, as well as an energized, meaningful family life with my husband Tito and our daughter and son.