Menlo School Faculty & Staff


Social Sciences 6

Sixth grade Social Sciences is centered around Human Geography and is devoted to the exploration and understanding of the essential questions, “What challenges does our community face?” and “How can we be agents of sociopolitical change?” Students learn about various concepts such as globalization, immigration, inequality, and social justice by examining case studies of historical and contemporary phenomena around the world. In terms of cognitive skill development, history in the 6th grade aims to create a solid foundation for analytical and argumentative writing, academic discussion, and formal presentation. Students are encouraged to examine beneath the surface and develop their analytical thinking skills through collaborative activities, interactive simulations, active reading, written work, and class discussions. Technology is integrated as appropriate throughout the curriculum, and there is also an emphasis on reinforcing overall learning strategies, such as time management, organization, and study skills. Additionally, we spend a significant portion of time examining current affairs, particularly in the parts of the world that we study, so that our students can develop a more comprehensive understanding of life around the globe today. Along our journey, we never forget our essential questions; they set the context through which we examine what has happened before us, how that impacts our world today, and what change we hope to achieve, while also facilitating our growth and progress as a sixth grade community and beyond.

The sixth grade curriculum culminates with the TED Talk Project where students will identify, research, and propose a solution to a problem in their local community. Using all of the critical thinking skills they have learned this year, they will present a TED Talk-style presentation to their peers and key stakeholders.