Menlo School Faculty & Staff


French 6 is an introduction class, part of the three-year program offered in the Middle School. Communication is the goal, students hear mostly French in the classroom, and from day one they converse. Students learn fundamental grammar and basic vocabulary and work with their classmates on a variety of projects and role-plays. They explore different cultures, art, geography, and history of the French-speaking world.

Students study the present tense of both regular and irregular verbs and the near future tense. They learn how to introduce themselves and others, talk about their families, their activities, interests, get food, and converse in a variety of other daily life situations. During the year students complete different projects, present and discuss current events of the Francophone world, watch French films and videos, learn songs, cook and celebrate different holidays at their French café. They are encouraged to participate in Francophone cultural activities in the Bay Area and the class goes on a cultural field trip.