Menlo School Faculty & Staff


During the second year course, students work to understand and use more complex grammar and more extensive vocabulary, especially both in reading and writing. They now learn the other verb tenses, having primarily focused only on present tense in the previous year. Students continue to follow the story of Quintus, the young poet Horace, as he leaves home in the Italian countryside to pursue his education in Rome. In following Quintus’ story, students learn about historical characters such as Julius Caesar, Cicero, and Cleopatra. They refine their knowledge of etymology, especially how morphemes affect word meaning, and continue to ponder the foundations of western civilization through explorations of Roman daily life, history, literature, geography, and mythology. Each student reflects on his or her individual progress and refines strategies for improving memory, polishing written and oral expression, and deepening critical thinking skills.

All Latin students belong to the California Junior Classical League and have the option to participate in local and statewide conventions.