Advanced Calculus I (H)


Advanced Calculus I (H) is a rigorous mathematics course that prepares students for challenging college level calculus courses. We encourage students who have been successful with the previous Introductory Calculus courses to consider the Advanced Calculus class the following year. Advanced Calculus I (H) can be thought of as a turning point in a student’s study of mathematics, as the course demands a highly developed ability to think abstractly and aptly draw on skill sets developed in previous courses to tackle the calculus tasks before them. Teachers are dedicated to encouraging the development of a self-reliant learning style with strong inductive, deductive, and abstract reasoning skills to serve students well in a collegiate environment. 

With some independent preparation, students who take this course may feel equipped to take the AP Calculus AB exam.

Prerequisites: Recommendation from Introductory Calculus teacher or completion of Introductory Calculus Honors.